Our terms and conditions of delivery the code to unlock your mobile phone, And all the code would send to you by email
Unlock Codes with instructions to introduce sent to the email address that the client has registered on the website to enlist your account. This address can be changed from the control panel of your account.

If the order status of your code is "SENT" and have not received the code in your email not see your tray deseaso or SPAM mail. If you have not received, please contact us.

All codes are requested once verified payment. Codes are not proof of income or transfers will be requested.

Delivery times shown on the page of each product / service are for weekdays (Monday to Friday except holidays) although some codes may be delivered on weekends if we received earlier than expected. The time periods are not binding, because in some cases there may be slight delays will always be informed customer.


  • From Mobilelogitec offer you the opportunity to do so in an easy, 100% safe and clean for the terminal. The release will be made with a simple code . You just need to know the IMEI number of the phone, you'll find it in the terminal plate by removing the battery or by typing *#06# on your mobile.
  • What is IMEI mobile unlocking ? , Mobile Unlocking IMEI is the easiest method, 100% clean and safe for your terminal. A simple code will free your phone. Just need to know the IMEI number of your phone , which can get in the terminal plate by removing the battery or by typing *#06# on your handset .
  • How does Mobilelogitec? You just fill out the form on the section of your phone. then cover all sections of the form Our system will calculate the unlock codes and forward them by email .
  • Lose the phone warranty? , The phone never loses the guarantee will not change the software or open. Are the codes always 100% correct ?
  • What is my risk of damaging the phone ? , There is absolutely no risk, since all. Phones are prepared to accept these codes. If the solution was the release cable. Our machinery is totally professional release so here is no risk of damaging the phone.
  • If the client manipulates the terminal inserting erroneous codes and depletes release attempts , the phone can not be unlocked by code, and the solution would be reset cable .

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